Building High Conversion Web Forms

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Relevant code will be given throughout the course, however feel free to browse the course repo to check out all of the code for the course's demos and quizzes.

Here's a handy reference for web developers building forms.


Efficient Inputs Part 1

  • You'll be introduced to the principles of useful forms
  • You'll research HTML5 input types
  • You'll build a datalist input

Efficient Inputs Part 2

  • You'll exercise best practices for implementing input labels and types with many sample inputs
  • You'll validate user input with HTML5 attributes and the Constraint Validation API

Fast Forms

  • You'll start exploring techniques for making forms faster and easier for users
  • You'll practice empathy for your users in order to simply and expedite forms
  • You'll apply everything you've learned so far by designing and building an e-commerce checkout

Touch Support

  • You'll explore best practices for responding to and designing user interactions on mobile
  • You'll use touch events to build a mobile-ready touch slider
  • You'll be introduced to the final project - an event planner app!

Final Project


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  • FEND grads Greg Palen, Munir Mastalic, Micah Hawkins, and Sonja Krause-Harder for beta testing the course and giving us invaluable feedback!
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