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Documentation on the android developers site is always useful.

In-depth video content can be found on both the android developers youtube channel and the google developers youtube channel.

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You can download Supplemental Materials, Lesson Videos and Transcripts from Downloadables (bottom right corner of the Classroom) or from the Dashboard (first option on the navigation bar on the left hand side).

Course Syllabus

This is a special course in that you can take it in any order you like. We strongly encourage you to start with the introduction and location lessons, and after that, you should feel free to branch out into any of the other lessons at your leisure. This course includes lessons on:

Location and Context:

Vitally important for building the best possible mobile app, Location and Context allows your app behavior to change based on location. In this course, you’ll learn how to do this with the Fused Location Provider, which gives you much more than simple GPS. You’ll also learn about Activity recognition, which allows you to tailor your app to what the user is doing. Finally, you’ll learn about Geofencing, and how location services work alongside geofences to allow you to build apps that could be used for augmented reality!


Where in the world are people using your app? Which activities do they use most? How do they navigate through your app? Take this course to learn how to add code to your mobile app to send usage data to Google Analytics, and answer questions like these. This course also covers how to use Google Tag Manager to send updated information to your app without needing to redeploy the APK, and how to use Tag Manager to manage all your Google Analytics tags.


Learn how to monetize apps using Google's AdMob to display banner and interstitial ads!


Everybody uses maps, and many people love them. Maps on mobile devices have changed the world over the last few years. They not only provide a local map in your pocket, but also a map of the entire world, down to street level, and even a 3D flyaround of many major cities. In this course, you’ll learn everything from how to add maps to your app, to how to build a virtual hike down the Grand Canyon!


Many apps need to establish the user’s Identity in order to customize the app to the user’s desires, save their data, allow them to identify themselves in social circles and countless other scenarios. Learn how to use Google’s Identity Platform to allow users to sign-in using their Google credentials, and access the data that they grant you permission to access.