Developing Android Apps (Arabic version)

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This page is for specific topics related to the localised Arabic version of the course.

To see the original course wiki with information related to course content, please see this page - Developing Android Apps Wiki

Course Localisation Overview

This course has Arabic subtitles for all the course videos. See the section below "Video Subtitles" on how to enable them for all videos.

Download course videos dubbed in Arabic

Use Classroom Environment in Arabic

You also can see the classroom environment in Arabic, including Instructor notes.

To access course version in localised environment, please use the Arabic version of Developing Android Apps.

To access the same course in English environment, please use the English version of Developing Android Apps.

Enable Video Subtitles in Arabic

To enable automatic display of subtitles:

  1. go to YouTube
  2. log in
  3. open your Account Settings -> Playback
  4. check the "Always show captions" checkbox
  5. press "Save"

To enable automatic display of subtitles in Arabic, instead of English, scroll to the bottom of a YouTube page until you see language and regional settings:

If your language setting is not Arabic, click on the language menu to expand the it and select Arabic: