Developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals

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Course Resources

Android Studio Setup and Course Resources

Installation docs, code files, and other downloadable resources for building the Sunshine app and getting started with this course.

Design Resources

Downloadable visual mocks and related design assets for Sunshine.

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Websites, books and other helpful resources.

Downloadable Materials

You can download Supplemental Materials, Lesson Videos and Transcripts from Downloadables (bottom right corner of the Classroom) or from the Dashboard (first option on the navigation bar on the left hand side).

Course Syllabus

Lesson 1: Create Project Sunshine

Set up your development environment, Android Studio, and learn about one of the fundamental components of your Android applications: Views.

Project 0: My App Portfolio

Design and build an app that shows off the apps that you'll create as part of this Nanodegree.

Lesson 2: Connect Sunshine to the Cloud

Learn how to query for data in Android over the web.

Lesson 3: New Activities and Intents

Add the functionality to interact with onscreen elements, use intents to switch between application Activities and their corresponding Views, and learn about difference between implicit and explicit intents.

Lesson 4a: Lifecycle and Databases

Learn about the lifecycle of an Android application, how to maintain application state during transitions such as orientation change, and how to set up a database in your application.

Lesson 4b: Content Providers and Loaders

Learn about Content Providers, how to use them in your application, and why you would want to implement one, as well as how to add unit tests to your application.

For more information and practice with Content Providers, check out this extra lesson on How to Use a Content Provider, where you will implement a pre-existing Android content provider with a simple app. This extra lesson covers the ContentProvider class, the ContentResolver class, and URIs.

Lesson 5: Rich and Responsive Layouts

Create layouts that are specific to different device configurations or screen resolutions, and learn how to implement custom views.

Lesson 6: Services and Notifications

Learn about SyncAdapters and their role in using or implementing background services in your application, as well as how to create and schedule app notifications to alert your users to specific events.


Instructors: Reto Meier, Katherine Kuan, Dan Galpin Course Developers: James Williams, Sarah Spikes, Lyla Fujiwara Sunshine App Lead: Alexander Lucas Sunshine App Developers: Katherine Kuan, Dan Galpin, Neto Marin, Sarah Spikes

Production Lead: Calvin Hu Production Team: Larry Madrigal, Katy Reichelt, Geoff Norman Project Manager: Jennie Kim

Production Technology Credit: The effect of Reto writing on air is achieved by using a glass chalkboard called a Lightboard, invented by Michael Peshkin at Northwestern University.