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Computer Networking

This project-based course will explore research topics in computer networking, primarily at the IP layer and above. You will gain exposure to burgeoning areas of computer networking and learn how to use the tools commonly used for networking research today.


You may but are not required to read the papers listed in the "Instructor Notes" section. There is no required textbook for the course.

Academic Honesty

Students are expected to abide by the Georgia Tech Honor Code. Honest and ethical behavior is expected at all times. All incidents of suspected dishonesty will be reported to and handled by the office of student affairs. You are to complete all assignments yourself, unless the assignment instructions explicitly state otherwise. You may discuss the assignments with your classmates, but you may not copy any solution (or part of a solution) from a classmate.


This class is appropriate for students with previous background in networking. Some familiarity with both network programming, scripting languages (e.g., Python) and using virtual machines will be helpful.


Grading will be based on nine assignments completed throughout the course. The assignment weightings are as follows:

Assignment 1 - 10%
Assignment 2 - 10%
Assignment 3 - 10%
Assignment 4 - 10%
Assignment 5 - 10%
Assignment 6 - 10%
Assignment 7 - 10%
Assignment 8 - 10%
Assignment 9 - 20%

Late Policy

Late assignments will not be accepted. Plan accordingly with your schedule as the second half of the assignments will be more time-intensive.

Course Schedule

Note that the assignment weeks below correspond to the week their associated material is introduced. For the later assignments, more time will be provided to complete the project so the project will be due in a later week.

WeekActivityDate Due Notes
0Orientation 1/17/2014Students should complete GT OMS orientation on Udacity before beginning course
Course 1 - End-to-end, Naming, Routing & Forwarding
1Lesson 1 - Intro1/24/2014
1Lesson 2 - Architecture and Principles1/24/2014
1Assignment 1 - Mininet Setup1/24/2014
2Lesson 3 - Switching1/31/2014
2Lesson 4 - Routing1/31/2014
2Assignment 2 - Mininet Topology1/31/2014
3Lesson 5 - Naming, addressing, forwarding2/7/2014
3Assignment 3 - Buffer sizing2/7/2014
Course 2 - Resource Control & Content Distribution
4Lesson 1 - Congestion Control & Streaming2/14/2014
4Assignment 4 - Parking Lot Problem2/14/2014
5Lesson 2 - Rate limiting, Traffic control & Measurement2/21/2014
5Assignment 5 - Buffer Bloat2/28/2014
6Lesson 3 - Content Distribution2/28/2014
6Assignment 6 - TCP Fast Open3/14/2014
Course 3 - Operations & Management
7Lesson 1 - Software Defined Networking3/7/2014
7Assignment 7 - MAC Learning Switch3/28/2014
8Lesson 2 - Traffic Engineering3/14/2014
9Lesson 3 - Network Security3/21/2014
9Assignment 8 - DDoS Migitation4/11/2014
10Assignment 9 - Replicate Research - Part 14/18/2014
11Assignment 9 - Replicate Research - Part 25/2/2014


For a list of links that might come in handy as background material for the course, see the Web Resources wiki page.