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Assignment 1 - Mininet Setup


The goal of this assignment is to setup the Mininet virtual machine on the computer you will use for course assignments. Preferably this computer will be the machine with the most memory and fastest processor if you have multiple computers as some assignments will take a few minutes to run.


  1. Download and install the latest Virtualbox for your platform. You can find Virtualbox here.
  2. Download the latest Mininet virtual machine image here. The download is ~1GB in size so be patient with the download and if possible, connect your computer to the Internet via a wired connection. If the download is especially slow, setup your computer to download the image overnight.
  3. In Virtualbox box, create a new virtual machine Machine -> New. Name the new machine Mininet, set its type to Linux and its version to Ubuntu. Then set its memory size to 1GB and select Use an existing virtual hard drive file. Then navigate to the unzipped download folder and choose the .vmdk file. Finally, click Create. Screenshot_12_28_13__6_15_PM-3.png
  4. Next, setup a bridged network by selecting the VM in the left side bar and then Settings -> Network and ensure that Adapter 1 is enabled and attached to a Bridged Adapter. Once you’ve ensured this, close the settings dialog.
  5. Start the VM by clicking Start.
  6. Log in to the VM using mininet for the username and password.
  7. Type sudo ifconfig on command line. This will display the IP addresses of the connected network interfaces. Screen_Shot_2013-11-26_at_7.55.52_PM-2.png
  8. Open a terminal on your desktop (Terminal on Mac OSX, Putty on Windows and xterm on Linux) and type ssh mininet@ip_address where ip_address is the IP address under the eth0 output from the ifconfig command. Use the password mininet.
  9. Now we will run a test to ensure Mininet is working correctly. Type sudo mn --test pingpair.
  10. Copy and paste the output from the command line into the code editor window on the Assignment 1 submission page. Use the Test button to ensure your output is correct and then click Submit. mininet_mininet-vm___-7.png