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Test Plan Document


This template is provided for your reference, along with the others on the project page.  Note that it is written in markdown which is displayed differently here than it is on GitHub, so the formatting will look different once you have access to the repo — this is expected.

1 Quality Control

1.1 Test Plan Quality

How are you going to ensure the quality of the testing process? What is going to drive the selection of your test cases? How do you know whether you have a good test plan?

1.2 Adequacy Criterion

Define the termination criterion (or criteria) for your testing activity. In other words, define how to decide when testing is done. Typically, this involves some form of functional or structural coverage.

1.3 Bug Tracking

Describe how bugs and enhancement requests will be tracked.

2 Test Strategy

This section should provide details about your unit-, integration-, system-, and regression-testing strategies.

2.1 Testing Process

Describe which activities you will perform as part of your testing process, who will perform such activities and how.

2.2 Technology

Describe any testing technology you intend to use or build (e.g., JUnit, Selenium)

3 Test Cases

Provides a table of test cases, one per row. For each test case, the table should provide its purpose, the steps necessary to perform the test, the expected result, the actual result, pass/fail information, and any additional information you think is relevant.