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Project Submission Instructions for How to Use Git and GitHub


Check your project for completion

Check that each of the following is true:

  • You are proud of the Git histories you have created and you would share them with others.
  • You completed your project according to the instructions.
  • You checked your project against the rubric

Submit your project via email

Once you've completed the checklist, email github-project@udacity.com with:

  • A link to your reflections repository hosted on GitHub
  • A link to your pull request to the create-your-own-adventure repository
  • A list of websites, books, forums, blog posts, GitHub repositories, etc. that you referred to or used in this submission (Add N/A if you did not use such resources)
  • Please carefully read the following statement and include it in your email:
  • "I hereby confirm that this submission is my work. By including this in my email, I understand that I will be expected to explain my work in a video call with a Udacity coach before I can receive my verified certificate."*

Check for a confirmation email

After you send your email, you will receive a confirmation email from support@udacity.com that your message was received.

Receive feedback

Within 7 business days, you will receive an email from your project evaluator (who will not be the coach you’ve been working with) with a completed rubric and instructions for next steps.

Conduct an exit interview

If your project was evaluated as "passing," you will schedule an exit interview. The purpose of this interview is to talk to you about your project and verify that you are the person who created it. Don’t worry, this interview will not be difficult or stressful (assuming you are the person who made the project).  Once you have passed your exit interview, you will receive a verified certificate.