How to Use Git and GitHub: Version Control for Code

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Git installation instructions

Follow the instructions here to install Git.

Additional Learning

The following resources may also be helpful in learning more about Git:

Course Syllabus

Prerequisite Knowledge

Familiarity with a Unix-style command line will be important in this course.  If you haven't used a Unix-style command line before, visit this page for some additional resources.

Lesson 1: Navigating a Commit History

In this lesson, you’ll learn about a few different types of version control systems and discover what makes Git a great version control system for programmers. You’ll also get practice using Git to view the history of an existing project. You’ll learn to see all the versions that have been saved, checkout a previous version, and compare two different versions.

Lesson 2: Creating and Modifying a Repository

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to create a repository and save versions of your project. You’ll learn about the staging area, committing your code, branching, and merging, and how you can use these to make you more efficient and effective.

Lesson 3: Using GitHub to Collaborate

In this lesson, you’ll get practice using GitHub or other remote repositories to share your changes with others and collaborate on multi-developer projects. You’ll learn how to make and review a pull request on GitHub. Finally, you’ll get practice by collaborating with other Udacity students to write to a create-your-own-adventure story.

Optional Final Project

During the course, you will host a repository on GitHub containing reflections about the course material, and you will submit a contribution to a collaborative create-your-own-adventure story also hosted on GitHub.  These two contributions are optional for the nanodegree.  See here for instructions on completing the project.


We'd like to thank Jessica Uelmen for managing the project, Taylor Gilkeson and Justine Lai for producing and editing the course, and Larry Madrigal for his guest appearance in Lesson 1.  We couldn't have made this course without them.

-- Caroline and Sarah