Xcode Debugging

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Course Syllabus

Lesson 1A: Debugging, Printing, Logging

In this lesson, you'll be introduced to the "So Many Bugs" app, which we'll use to solve coding mysteries throughout the course. You'll also learn about the debugging process, and how to use print statements to identify bugs.

Terms Covered

  • software bug
  • logic error
  • runtime errors
  • static errors
  • warning

Concepts Covered

  • Debugging Terminology
  • The Debugging Process
  • Print Debugging
  • Logging

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Lesson 1B: Stepping Through Code

In this lesson, you'll learn how to use breakpoints to examine application state at any point during execution.

Concepts Covered

  • Breakpoint Introduction
  • Stack Frames
  • Debugging Navigator Panes
  • Debugging Area (Variables View and Console)
  • Sharing Bugs

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Lesson 2A: LLDB and Breakpoint Actions

In this lesson, you'll learn about LLDB (low-level debugger)—the debugging super tool. You'll be introduced to common LLDB commands, tips, and tricks.

Concepts Covered

  • The Low-Level Debugger (LLDB)
  • Breakpoint Actions

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Lesson 2B: Breakpoints and Visual Tools

In this lesson, you'll learn about exception and symbolic breakpoints, and how to debug your code using Xcode's visual debugging tools.

Concepts Covered

  • Exception Breakpoints
  • Symbolic Breakpoints
  • Quick Looks
  • Debug View Hierarchy

Helpful Resources

Xcode Debugging Hotkeys

  • Show Navigator (⌘+0)
  • Show Debug Navigator (⌘+6)
  • Show Breakpoint Navigator (⌘+7)
  • Show Debug Area (⌘+Shift+Y)
  • Open Documentation (⌘+Shift+0)
  • Step Over (F6)
  • Step Into (F7)
  • Step Out (F8)
  • Continue (⌘+Ctrl+Y)
  • Build (⌘+B)
  • Run (⌘+R)
  • Activate/Deactivate Breakpoint (⌘+Y)
  • Quick Search (⌘+Shift+O)