ud675 ยป


Jan 14Regression and Classification
Jan 16Decision Trees
  • Mitchell Ch 3
Jan 21Neural Networks
  • Mitchell Ch 4
Jan 23Instance Based Learning
  • Mitchell Ch 8
Jan 29Ensemble Learning
Jan 31Kernel Methods and Support Vector Machines
Feb 4Computational Learning Theory
  • Mitchell Ch 5, 7
Feb 6Bayesian Learning
  • Mitchell Ch 6
Feb 11Bayesian Inference
Feb 13<small>Assignment 1 due</small>
Feb 19Exam 1
Feb 20Exam 1 Review
Feb 25Information Theory
Feb 27Randomized Optimization
Mar 6Clustering and EM
Mar 11Feature Transformation/Selection
Mar 13<small>Assignment 2 due</small>
Mar 19Exam 2
Mar 20Exam 2 Review
Mar 27Sequential Decision Making and MDPs
Apr 3Reinforcement Learning in MDPs
Apr 11Game Theory
Apr 18Repeated Games
Apr 18<small>Assignment 3 due</small>
Apr 24Exam 3
Apr 25Exam 3 Review

Note: Dates indicate deadlines by which you should finish each lesson, assignment or exam.