Linux Command Line Basics that are very cool!

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Software to install

To experience the Linux command-line environment, you'll need to have a Linux system to work on. The course is built to use a virtual machine (VM), with instructions for installing it at the beginning of Lesson 1.  However, if you have a different Linux system you can work on, this is okay, too.

If you have a Mac OS X system, you can complete many of the exercises using the Terminal program alone, since the Mac and Linux systems have very similar command-line environments. However, many results may look different from what you see in the video, and some of the preinstalled software that is on the VM will not be available.


Thanks to Justine Lai and Larry Madrigal for editing the video,
Justine Lai and Megan Smith for shooting the live video,
Jeff Donovan, Arpan Chakraborty, Taylor Gilkeson, Cameron Pittman, and Mike Yi for careful review & testing!