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Static Analysis Assignment (Find Bugs with FindBugs)


Note: this is no longer a graded assignment, and is not required.  References to this page have been removed from the schedule and the course, so I'm not even sure how you got here, but you are NOT required to do this assignment!

See the schedule for everything that really is required!

Assignment Description

  1. Install the Eclipse plug-in for FindBugs
  2. Run FindBugs on the given code and your own code, detailed below.
  3. Pick 15 issues of different types.
    1. Select at least 10 issues from the given code
    2. Select at least one issue from your Android application from Project 2
    3. Select at least one issue from your Web application from Project 3
  4. Create a report and, for each issue, add to the report:
    1. The type of issue
    2. Whether it is a false or a true positive
    3. How long it took you to check it
  5. Add to the report a concise comment about your experience with FindBugs (positive, negatives, other comments)

FindBugs Configuration

Please find below the suggested configuration for FindBugs. Feel free to use a different one if you prefer.



Submit your report as a text file in the quiz by the due date.

Placement in Course

You can find the video introducing the exercise here.