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Remember, anything marked as an Assignment is required and graded.  To find the due date and see where this fits in the course overall, see the schedule.

Assignment Description

To complete this assignment, you must generate between 30 and 60 test-case specifications for the replace utility using the category-partition method discussed in the videos in conjunction with the TSL software used in the demo video.

The test specifications should correspond to the utility described below:

      replace โ€“ a string-replacement utility

      replace <from string> <to string> <filename>

     The replace utility replaces all occurrences of a given string (from string) in a file with another string (to string). A string is any continuous sequence of characters. To include a blank in a string, the entire string must be enclosed in single quotes (โ€˜). To include a quote sign in a string, the quote sign must be escaped (\โ€™).

TSL Tool

The TSLgenerator tool is available via the following links for Linux , Mac OS X , and Windows.

You may also want to check out the user manual.

Useful Resources for your reference

  • The original paper presenting the category-partition method.
  • An excerpt of the category-partition discussed in the videos.


You will need to submit, in the programming quiz:

  • The category partitions for the replace utility, as a text file called replace.txt
  • The 30 to 60 test specifications generated using the TSLgenerator tool, as a text file called replace.txt.tsl

Note that you need to generate the specifications on your own and paste them in.

Placement in Course

You can find the video introducing the exercise here.