date: 2015-01-23 21:40:44

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SQL for Data Analysis

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Course Resources

Software to install

You can start this course without installing any software. Starting in the first Problem set you will be introduced to SQLite, which you are encouraged to download and run locally as you move forward through the course.  Manipulating data using your own workspace is the best way to be ready to tackle data challenges that may arise in the future!

Final Project Resources

Get started on the final project with this helpful guide.

Course syllabus

Lesson 1: Data and Tables

In this lesson, you'll learn about how relational databases let you structure data into tables. You'll learn about the importance of unique keys and relationships between tables.

Problem Set 1

Lesson 2: Elements of SQL

In this lesson, you'll begin learning SQL, the Structured Query Language used by most relational databases. You'll learn about the select and insert statements, the basic operations for getting data out of a database and putting data into a database. You'll learn about the operators and syntax available to get the database to scan and join tables for you.

Problem Set 2

Lesson 3: Deeper Into SQL

In this lesson, you'll learn how to design and create new tables and databases. You'll learn about normalized design, which makes it easier to write effective code using a database. You'll also continue mastering SQL statements and learn to apply them from python using a DB-API.

Problem Set 3


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Mike Wales for the sneaky JavaScript in lesson 3,
Trish, Kim, Mike, Andy Brown, Cameron Pittman, Calvin Hu, and Lorenzo Brown for help with the scripts!