How to Setup Virtual Box

Only these three steps are essential.

  1. Download the Virtual Box Application for you machine's OS.
  2. Download the CS6210 VM Image
    (64 bit) [~2GB]. MD5(CS6210 AOS.ova)= a854451bf15d5bad0cab2a0820aa8f49
    (32 bit) [~2GB]. MD5 (CS6210 AOS (32 bit).ova) = 177414a7710c2f057219229480af87e1
  3. Follow the instructions in Section 1.14 of the VirtualBox User's Manual to import the image.

Username and password are cs6210 to start. You may need to enable Hardware Virtualization to run the image in VirtualBox. Check out this Piazza thread for context, and this Wikipedia article for background.

Other Resources

You may find it convenient to customize your image in other ways — e.g. setting up a shared folder with your host OS.  Consult the VirtualBox User's Manual.

You may also want to create your own image.