Exam Information for CS6210: Advanced Operating Systems (Spring 2014)


What you will need

Exam Format

To be determined...

Approved Software

During your examine, you will be observed by a proctor from ProctorU.  These proctors have been instructed that you are permitted to use the following applications.

Approved Drawing Applications

  • GoogleDraw
  • MS PowerPoint
  • OmniGraph
  • Others to be determined.

Approved Applications for PDF Creation

  • GoogleDocs
  • Others to be determined.

Exam Dates

ExamOpensClosesTime Limit
Midterm 6pm (Eastern), Thursday, March 6, 20146pm (Eastern) Friday, March 7, 201490 minutes
Final 6pm (Eastern), Tuesday, May 6, 20142pm (Eastern), Wednesday, May 7, 2014180 minutes