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Final Project: Use Machine Learning to Identify Corporate Fraud

Note: These instructions only apply to Udacity students with a paid subscription for this course.

You will use machine learning to flag individuals at Enron who look like they should be persons of interest in the Federal fraud investigation that resulted when the company went bankrupt.  As part of that process, you will document your analysis strategy in a brief writeup, and package up your classifier (dataset, feature list, and classifier) for anyone else to use.

If you have a paid subscription to this course, you will need to do a couple extra steps in order to submit your project for evaluation and receive a verified certificate.

First, you should use the starter code and dataset to develop your POI identifier on your own computer.  Once you're satisfied with the performance, you should write up your report in a common document format, such as pdf or html. After writing the report and self-evaluating your work with the Project Rubric, email your pickled dataset, feature list, and classifier to introml-project@udacity.com along with the written description.

Important Resources

If you have any questions about the project, don't hesitate to talk to your coach. Good luck!