Full Stack Foundations

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Software to install

In order to complete all of the activities in this course, you will need to install a virtual machine (VM) on your computer. This VM gives you an environment including SQLAlchemy, Flask, and Python.

See here for installation instructions.

Course syllabus

Lesson 1 - Working with the CRUD

In the first lesson, you will learn about CRUD; Create, Read, Update, and Delete. You will learn why this acronym is important in web development and implement CRUD operations on a database. You will also learn to use an ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) as an alternative to SQL.

Lesson 2 - Making a Web Server

In the second lesson, you will build a web server from scratch using In the second lesson, you will build a web server from scratch using Python and some of the pre-installed libraries it includes. You will learn what GET and POST requests are and how we use them to retrieve and modify information on a web site. We will then use the concepts learned in Lesson 1 to add CRUD functionality to our website.

Lesson 3 - Developing with Frameworks

In the third lesson, we will discuss web frameworks like Django and Ruby on Rails. You will see how web frameworks simplify the development process and allow us to create web applications faster. We will use the Flask web framework to develop our own web application. We will also discuss API's (Application Programming Interfaces) and add JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) endpoints to our application to allow data to be sent in a format alternative to HTML.

Lesson 4 - Iterative Development

In the last lesson, you will build an entire web application on your own. You will learn about the iterative development process and how developing iteratively allows you to have a working prototype throughout all stages of the development process.

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Thanks to Geoff Norman, the video editor and creative genius who made this course possible.
Eduardo Medina, and Jee Kang for reviewing and testing this course.
Clark Downer, Kim Dryden, Mike Wales, Andy Brown, Cameron Pittman, James Williams, Karl Krueger, Kagure Njagi, and Chris Saden for help organizing and creating this course!