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Firebase Essentials Prerequisites

Java and the Android Framework The focus of this course is the Android Firebase SDK and not Android in general. You should have fluency in programming Android apps and Java. In particular:

  • Java language proficiency (conditionals, loops, data structures, functions, OOP, Interfaces)
  • Anonymous Classes for use with Callbacks and Listeners
  • The Activity/Fragment Lifecycle
  • Dialogs in Android
  • Intents
  • How List Views and List Adapters Work
  • Android UI components - XML layouts and Views

Development Environment
This course is taught in Android Studio. During installation, we mention other IDE setups, but all of the footage is shot in Android Studio and we encourage you to use Android Studio. At the very least, you must have an environment setup that can compile and run Android apps and support the Google Play libraries.

If you’re interested in installing Android Studio, follow the guide here.

Git and JSON
Basic git and Github proficiency is strongly preferred. We have a course git repository that will be an indispensable resource for you. It shows every step of the app creation process for this course. Comfort with navigating Github and looking at comparisons between code states is helpful. A short tutorial to get you up to speed is provided below. A basic familiarity with the "key,value" syntax of JSON is also helpful. You can learn more about JSON here.

Other Notes
If you have successfully completed Developing Android Apps and the final project, you are ready for this course.

One good test for whether you are ready for this course is to look at the first branch of the course repository which shows the skeleton code for the ShoppingList++ without the Firebase content. If you are having difficulty understanding and following along with the code here, read below to see how you can get up to speed.

How to Get Up To Speed

New to Programming
If you have little or no programming knowledge or need a refresher, we suggest heading over to Android for Beginners followed by our introductory Java class. Once these classes have been completed, you should take Developing Android Apps.

New to Android
If you have Java fluency, but are not familiar with the Android Framework, we suggest taking Developing Android Apps before this course.

The fourth lesson of Android Fundamentals on ContentProviders is not necessary for this course.