Class notes for Introduction to Programming

Stage 0: Getting Started with HTML

Basics of the Web and HTML

  • Browser, internet, servers. Communication is via http
  • HTML
    -Basis for almost every webpage
    -Made up of text content, markup, references to other docs, refs to other pages.
    --HTML "markup" is made up of "tags". A tag plus it's content is an "element"
    ---"void" tag has no content, e.g., "br" (line break). They don't have closing tags
    --HTML "attributes". Used by some tags as part of their structure/definition, like a link
  • Computers are stupid
    • CSS is a language for adding styles to document
  • Inline vs. Block elements. Both are non-void tags, but inline adds a line break. [Probably other differences too]

How Learning to Code Works

  • 4 Stages of Expertise: Ignorance, Awareness, Ability, Fluency
    -Time from each stage to the next increases exponentially
    -Frustration is inevitable. Avoid letting frustration turn into despair or anger

Stage 1 Intro: Make Your Web Page

  • 1.1 Intro to the Web (repeat from before)

  • 1.2 Creating a Structured Document
    -HTML is the language of the internet, with its own rules and syntax. HTML turns tags into elements in a document "tree" structure using the "DOM", or Document Object Model. DOM is structure of elements of a document.
    -CSS is a separate language that sets the style of the document text, based on elements
    -Everything is a box. Rectangles are the only shape allowed in HTML documents.
    -The "div" tag defines boxes