✨ TG101 - Udacity Team Guide 101 ✨

Key Facts 🔑🗐

  • Work with team(s) of up to 12 newly enrolled students to develop positive group dynamics and set expectations for weekly progress.
  • Your role isn't primarily to answer students’ technical questions, but rather to facilitate group problem solving and friendly connection.
  • Building a cohesive, self-sufficient team and Check in on progress
  • From the third week onward, it will be your responsibility to come up with discussion prompts for each session.
  • Use provided data to help team navigate through trouble spots.
  • We will give you a short form to fill out each week, which you'll send back to us within 48 hours of your team's session.
  • Be friendly and positive, show enthusiasm, look for the good in students work, be encouraging, remind them that everyone makes mistakes, provide them guidance on how to get back on track with their learning schedule, respect boundaries of yourself and team members, mediate conflict when necessary
  • Don't use suggestive emoticons,treat all team members equally and with respect, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, etc. 
  • Structure study sessions(minimum required 60 min): check-in, discussion(past difficulties, pre-arranged topics), end of session(open chat).
  • Create helpful discussion topics by: making prompts different every session (with the exception of the first question, which should always ask about issues members had in the previous week's coursework), making prompts that help students recall and expand on what they've learned, making prompts relevant and open-ended.
  • Encourage teamwork by: being patient, being a sound board, asking others, giving talking turns that try to lead up to the answer, encourage inter-team engagement, providing resources, de-constructing cognitive complexity, enforcing the big picture, enforce knowledge integration.
  • Take and listen to team's feedback, how you can best help them, and balance that with what you think will be most effective for their learning and teamwork, respect members who don't want help with goal setting, single people out to encourage engagement but never with critical comments, use feedback from Udacity.
  • Use the Nanodegree's guide community discussion forum, meet with Udacity coaches personally for support or advice.

Compensation 💰💵

  • Spend ~2 hours per week with each team you support on facilitation and your check in form over a period of 3 months.
  • Each week that you both facilitate your weekly session and submit your completed check-in form per team, you’ll get paid $40 per team.
  • Get paid via Paypal

Remember You’re part of our pilot for Guides, so we expect to work out some kinks as we get started--rates and payment processes may change in the future. Thanks in advance for rolling with the punches 👊!


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