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This FAQ is course specific, for general questions try this one. If you can't find anything on either one try to ask in the discussion forums.


I Have a Technical Issue (Video or Quiz Doesn't Load, etc). What Should I do?

Create a question on any of the forums with the tag technical-support or post directly on the technical support forum. Hint: DO NOT put the tag STAFF. This tag is put automatically in the question when someone from staff (administrator, instructor, course developer, tutor/coach, hipster, etc) replies to a question. If you tag your question with STAFF, they might think that someone else from staff already addressed your issue and just ignore your question (I have seen this happen a billion times).

Is this the Right Course for me?

You have to make this assessment yourself, but take these in consideration:

How Do I Find My Own Questions / Answers in the Discussion Forums?

After the redesign the link to your forum profile (in it you will find all your questions and answers) has been removed (it used to be located on the top of the page next to your name). Until Udacity fixes that, you may do the following: Click on this link to open the search form. In the search form select "Users" (radio button), type your user name in the text field and then click "Search". You should get a list of users (a short list, with only your user name if you have typed it correctly). Find your user name on the list and click on it to open your forum profile. You might want to bookmark your profile page for easier future access.

Click on this link to open the search form. In the search form click "Tags" (radio button), type the tag name, e.g., unit15.-21 (note that there is a dot after 15) and then click "Search". You should get a list of tags (a short list, with only one tag if you have typed it correctly). Find your tag on the list and click on it to see the list of questions with your tag. Or if you've already found a question with an specific tag and want to find all related questions sharing the same tag, just click on the link under the question named after the tag, e.g., unit15.-21.

Are We Allowed to Reveal/Ask For Answers/Solutions to the Final Exam?

Revealing answers/solutions or asking for answers/solutions to questions from the final exam is not permitted. The final exam is suppose to test your mastery of the material. If you reveal answers/solutions, you are sabotaging your colleagues' opportunity to achieve this mastery. If you ask for answers/solutions, you are sabotaging yourself. You may ask for clarifications if you don't understand what's being asked or hints in the discussions forums (as a matter of fact, there are a couple of clarifications on the wiki notes for the final exam), but you should solve the questions by yourself. If you can't solve them, you should re-watch the pertinent lectures, since that's an indication that you haven't yet mastered the material. Remember that there are no deadlines and therefore you have unlimited time to finish the final, so take this opportunity to make the best of your learning experience. Taking 3 days to solve a problem by yourself is infinitely more valuable than solving the same problem in 3 minutes with someone else's help. Your "helper" might be able to give you the answers, but it is impossible for him/her to give you the skill that he/she acquired by struggling to solve the problem by himself/herself; and it's the skill, not the answers, that matters.

Hint for the final exam: The questions from the final exam are about the same as the ones from the problem sets (a tad easier, as a matter of fact). Work hard to understand the problem sets and you will find the questions from the final exam very easy. It's ok to ask for help on quizzes and problem sets, although you should make your best effort to solve them on your own before you look at the official solutions or ask for help in the discussion forums. Some of the official solutions to quizzes and problem sets lack enough steps to be clear for students that don't have a strong background in maths, so don't be shy to ask for help in the forums in this case.

How Much Do I Need to Score on the Final Exam to Earn a Certificate?

Udacity no longer grants free certificates. For details follow this link.

I Have Finished the Class. How Do I Get My Certificate?

Udacity no longer grants free certificates. For details, follow this link.

Is This Course Credited?

Udacity no longer offers college credit to this date (May 12th 2014). San Jose State University partnership has been put on hold. For details, follow this link.

Are There Deadlines for this Course?

No. The course is self-paced. You can take the final exam as soon as you feel like you're prepared. You have unlimited time to answer the questions from the final as well.

What's the Software/Programming Language/Statistical Package Used for Plotting/Generating Graphs?

The graphs/plots are generated with a programming language named Python, using a plotting module named Matplotlib. Take a look at Plotting Graphs with Python for more information.

A textbook hasn't been recommended by the instructor. Although the book Probabilistic Robotics by Thrun, Burgard and Fox is mentioned, the scope of the book is too advanced for this class. It's the textbook for one of the instructor's robotics classes at Stanford: CS-226 (Statistical Techniques in Robotics). This book is more suitable for students that have already taken CS271 (Introduction to Artificial Intelligence) and CS373 (Artificial Intelligence for Robotics) and want to go deeper into the subject of statistical methods applied to artificial intelligence and robotics.

I'm Having Connectivity Problems Due to Poor Connection/YouTube Blockage. Is There a Way Around it?

There is the alternative of downloading the video lectures from this link and watching them offline. English subtitles are also available.

I Often Receive Emails Regarding the Discussion Forums Telling me: "Don't Forget to Cast Your Vote". How Do I Do That?

The discussion forums are moderated by the community through a voting system:

unnamed (9 a)(004).jpeg

Just click the thumbs up (useful post) or thumbs down (not useful post) icons to cast your vote. Your vote helps to rank the questions and answers making easier for all students to find interesting posts. It's also a nice and quick way to say thank you to someone that has lend you a hand.

Another way to help the community is by accepting answers. If you have made a question and someone provided a good answer, you should accept it:


All you have to do is click the check mark button.

For further tips regarding the discussion forums check this link.