How Much Do I Need to Score on the Final Exam to Earn a Certificate?

"The Final is now posted. It has 16 questions. A perfect score will earn you a Certificate of Accomplishment with Highest Distinction. 13 correct will earn a Certificate of Accomplishment with High Distinction, 10 a Certificate of Accomplishment and 8 a Certificate of Completion." - Adam Sherwin (Teaching Assistant for ST101).

Is This Course Credited?

Not to this date (May 23rd 2013). For the list of credited courses follow this link.

Are There Deadlines for this Course?

No. The course is self-paced. You can take the final exam as soon as you feel like you're prepared. You have unlimited time to answer the questions from the final as well.

What's the Software / Programming Language / Statistical Package Used for Plotting / Generating Graphs?

The graphs / plots are generated with a programming language named Python, using a plotting module named Matplotlib. Take a look at Plotting Graphs with Python for more information.

A textbook hasn't been recommended by the instructor. Although the book Probabilistic Robotics by Thrun, Burgard and Fox is mentioned, the scope of the book is too advanced for this class. It's the textbook for one of the instructor's robotics classes at Stanford: CS-226 (Statistical Techniques in Robotics). This book is more suitable for students that have already taken CS271 (Introduction to Artificial Intelligence) and CS373 (Artificial Intelligence for Robotics) and want to go deeper into the subject of statistical methods applied to artificial intelligence and robotics.