Some Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Help

Who do I contact for technical support?

The Technical Support Forum is the best way to receive help on tech related problems.

Who can I talk to?

You can schedule online meetings with professors during their office hours using this calendar. Additionally, we have course staff whose primary responsibilities are helping students with course material. They are familiar with the material in Visualizing Algebra, College Algebra, and Statistics. You can chat with them almost any time using the chat box in the lower right corner of the Udacity website.

How do I chat with someone at Udacity any time?

You'll need the right browser. If you aren't already using Chrome, download Chrome. If you have a headset (or head phones and microphone) for your computer, plug it in and be ready to use it. Otherwise, be ready to type a lot.

To start, just click the chat box in the lower right corner of the Udacity website, and say hello! If the question is too difficult to answer by chat, you'll get a link to an online whiteboard where both you and the course staff can write on the screen, and voice chat. If the audio doesn't work, we may ask you to call us or use a google hangout to get an audio connection.

How do I schedule a time to chat with a Professor or someone at Udacity?

Use this calendar to schedule an appointment. Before your scheduled appointment, make sure you are using Chrome (download Chrome if you aren't already using it) and try to acquire a headset or headphones and microphone for your computer. At the scheduled time, your professor or support staff member will email you a link to an online whiteboard. They will use the email address you use when making the appointment. Click the link, join the audio, and you're ready to go. If you need to cancel, use the link in your confirmation email, and try to cancel as soon as you know so that other students can schedule sessions.

How much does talking to someone at Udacity cost?

All fees were already included in your enrollment fee. There are no additional charges.

How much can I talk with someone at Udacity?

As much as you need to! There are no caps.

Can I schedule an in person session?

No, but you can chat with someone online.

Will getting help affect my grade?

Udacity staff is here to help and don't submit any grades. The only thing getting help can do is improve your grade