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Video Downloads

The following files are officially served by Udacity and should be accessible even if YouTube is blocked or if you simply want offline access.

Video files are numbered and zipped per unit and contain a playlist file for convenience. You can use, for example, the VLC player to play them. With VLC, you can play back the videos faster or slower (the tone itself will be the same) by pressing the "+" or "-" key.

We modified the class based on our experience with its first offering and on the students' feedback. Please note that downloadable lectures may contain outdated information about projects or assignments. Please make sure to always read the "Instructor Notes" available on the website for the lecture and to trust the information on Piazza and T-Square over the information in the video lectures. And when in doubt, or if you spot any issue, please do not hesitate to ask and let us know.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4