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General Project Info for Software Development Processes


All projects for the Software Development Processes course will be done in groups.  Groups will be semi-randomly assigned for each project based on your answers to the survey in Assignment 1, so please take care to fill out the survey accurately.


You will need to collaborate on the projects with your teammates, and especially since most of you won't be in the same physical location as your teammates, you will need to make use of online collaborative tools.

Video Chats

We recommend an initial Google Hangout, Skype call, or some other mutually-agreed-upon form of video call with your team to introduce yourselves to one another as soon as the team is assigned, since it's usually easier to work with someone when you have a better feel for their personality.  During that meeting, you will probably want to discuss your schedules and plan regular check-ins via either video or text-based chat that work for everyone.  For more ideas on how to manage your team relationship, go here.


You will need to work on your projects collaboratively, as well.  As you will learn in the fourth lesson, one of the easiest ways to collaborate on code is using Version Control Software.  Since particular VCS systems vary wildly, we decided that everyone in the class should use the same one to minimize friction when you join a new team for each new project.  Our choice was GitHub, since it has a nice web interface, and is fairly standard in industry so learning how to use it is actually a good real-world skill.

Virtual Machine (VM)

We prepared a VM with all the software needed to complete assignments and projects pre-installed. You can see the instructions on how to download and setup the VM here


The projects for this course may require some form of the following 5 documents. Important: please refer to T-Square for details about which exact documents to submit and possibly updated version of the templates.

  • Process Plan
  • Requirements Document
  • Design Document
  • Test Plan
  • Process Assessment Document

For each document, we will provide the template we would like you to use, as well as the more formal and complete IEEE version of the document (for all but the assessment document).  You are only required to fill out the sections listed in the template we give you, but it may be useful to look at the more detailed one for more insight into what the various sections are for, and you are welcome to add additional sections if you wish.

Process Plan

Requirements Document

Design Document

Test Plan