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GT OMS Program

How to Use Udacity

This page is for GT OMS students using Udacity. If you are reading this, Welcome to Udacity!
Below, is a diagram and explanation of the classroom. The Udacity classroom is where you will watch lesson videos and take quizzes.

Udacity Classroom

GT OMS Classroom

Take note of the words highlighted in RED:

  • Lesson Picker - A dropdown menu with links to the lessons within the course you are currently viewing
  • Subway NavBar (Progress Bar) - Rectangular boxes that indicate the part of the lesson you are currently watching. They follow a simple system:
    • Orange - Current Video
    • Blue - Completed Video
    • Circle - Video with Quiz
  • Class Discussion - For GT OMS students, this links you to the Piazza class forum
  • Instructor Notes - Here, the professor will post notes, links, and related material for the current lesson