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Software Architecture and Design

How This Course Works


Technology Platforms

This course is taught in conjunction with Georgia Tech, and students will have to use three technology platforms when taking this course: Udacity, Piazza, and T-Square.

  • Udacity - Classroom
    • On Udacity, students will watch online lessons
    • Also on Udacity, students will find this wiki page, a schedule for lessons and assignments, and additional course resources
    • How to Use Udacity
  • Piazza - Forums
    • Piazza serves as the class forum; rather than email, all non-personal class-related communications should take place there
    • Students are encouraged to ask their non-personal questions publicly on Piazza so that the instructor, TA's, and classmates can benefit from discussion; it is important that students check Piazza postings regularly
    • How to Use Piazza
    • Piazza Help Portal
  • T-Square - Assignments and Announcements


Students will be evaluated via assignments, design-study projects, a final exam and their participation in class.

  • Design Studies and Assignments
    • All design studies and assignments will be posted and submitted through T-Square
  • Exams
    • The final exam will be take-home.
  • Class Participation
    • Class participation will be determined by completion of the Udacity quizzes, by contributions on Piazza, by class-mate evaluations of your role as a team member on projects and assignments, and by other, subjective, "above-and-beyond" initiatives that you take.
    • Note: For the Udacity quizzes, you are not required to get the correct answer on the first try. You should feel free to submit answers even if you are not 100% sure that you are correct. If you do not get the correct answer after several attempts, try watching the solution video, and then come back to the quiz. Only your last submission will be checked, so if you get it right, then change you answer later, you will not get credit for that quiz.
  • Grades
    • Detailed grading criteria will be provided on T-Square for each deliverable

The following chart shows how each graded item counts towards your overall grade for the course.

Graded Item Number of Points Percentage of Overall Grade
Assignment #1: Background Survey 20 2%
Assignment #2: Project - Introductory Design Phase 100 10%
Assignment #3: Project - Introductory Implementation Phase 150 15%
Assignment #4: OCL and Specifications 75 7.5%
Assignment #5: Project - Intermediate Design Phase 150 15%
Assignment #6: Project - Intermediate Implementation Phase 200 20%
Assignment #7: Project - Final Design Phase 100 10%
Assignment #8: Project - Final Implementation Phase 100 10%
Assignment #9: Project - Individual Assessment of Group Performance 30 3%
Class Participation 75 7.5%

Minimum Technical Requirements

For students taking GT OMS courses, there are the following minimum technical requirements:

  • Georgia Tech Computing Guide
  • Browser and Connection Speed
    • An up-to-date version of Chrome or Firefox is strongly recommended
    • We also support Internet Explorer 9 and the desktop versions of Internet Explorer 10 and above (not the metro versions)
    • 2+ Mbps download speed is recommended
  • Operating System: 64-bit OS for compatibility with 64-bit VM's
    • PC: Windows XP or higher with latest updates installed
    • Mac: OS X 10.6 or higher with latest updates installed
    • Linux: Any recent distribution that has the supported browsers installed
  • Virtual Machine
    • You will be provided a virtual machine (VM) useful for performing class assignments and projects
    • For the projects, the supplied resources are identical to those used to test your submissions. This includes the 1.6 version of Java
    • Details for downloading and installing the VM can be found on the Class Resources Page
  • Video Submissions
    • Some of the assignments and projects include a video submittal. One way of preparing these assignments is via Google Hangouts. Some instructional videos for using Google Hangouts are available at Google Hangouts on Air
  • Project Submissions
    • Project submissions will require files to be tarred and zipped using only zip, gzip or compress. Please do not use rar or other proprietary formats.
    • How To: Tar and Zip Project Files
  • Site Support
    • For Udacity site support and course questions not appropriate for the forums (student-specific) please email Udacity Support