Process Assessment Document - Team X


This template is provided for your reference, along with the others on the projects page.  Note that it is written in markdown which is displayed differently here than it is on GitHub, so the formatting will look different once you have access to the repo — this is expected.


You are a member of an independent quality organization charged with assessing the effectiveness of a software development team. The team has just completed the development of a Java project using a specified Software Process. Prepare a document containing the information described below.

Assume you have access to the following items:

  • The team's deliverable documents and source code
  • The team's defect log
  • The team's time record

Document Format

1 Team members

2 Process used

3 Activity assessment

For each activity the team used, provide:

  • Activity name
  • Quality of the deliverable: (0-100, with rationale for score)

4 Productivity assessment

  • Total time spent
  • Total lines of code in delivered product
  • Total lines of user documentation
  • Productivity score: (0-100, with rationale for score)

5 Quality assessment

  • Total number of test cases
  • Total number of defects found during testing
  • Total number of defects fixed
  • Quality score: (0-100, with rationale for score)

6 Recommendations

Prioritized bullet list of recommendations on how to improve the team's software development process.

7 Summary

One-paragraph summary of the assessment.


You are assessing your own team, so you have a conflict of interest: the more problems you detect with your team's process, the worse your team looks. That is why I have structured this exercise as if you were an independent team from a separate organization. It is your job to be objective. The TA and I will also be evaluating the development team's process. The closer your evaluation score is to ours, the better you will do on this exercise. So be critical but fair.