2D Mobile Game Developer | LibGDX

If you want to turn your Java knowledge into cross-platform games, this is the Nanodegree for you. Throughout the program, you will learn the skills necessary to enter the gaming industry, or to publish your own apps.

Thank you for signing up for this Game Development Nanodegree! We hope you'll enjoy it, and we look forward to hearing your feedback in the discussion forums.

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In this program, you'll learn the core skills needed to build great 2D games. Along the way, you'll build three different games, as well as develop a strategy for monetizing one of them. Specifically, we'll work on the following projects:

Project 1: Outbreak

Outbreak is a block breaking game. Players control a paddle that can move along the bottom of the screen and send balls toward a field of blocks. 

You can be creative and use your own design ideas, for example, you might want to add power-ups or allow the game to get progressively more difficult. Make sure to read and review the project rubric before submitting, however.

Prepare for this project with: 2D Game Development with LibGDX

Project 2: Space Kerfuffle

Space Kerfuffle is a top down, starfighter combat game.  Players assume the role of an intrepid spacefighter pilot flying headlong into a swarm of aliens or robots or something else evil that wants to destroy humanity, probably.  Players control a spacecraft and fire projectiles at oncoming enemies who do the same.  Explosions happen. Numbers go up.

See our prototype of the game for inspiration.  Note that your game doesn’t have to function exactly like this! You can be creative and use your own design ideas.  Make sure to read and review the project rubric before submitting, however.

Prepare for this project with: How to Make a Platformer Using LibGDX.

Project 3: Monetization

Build a monetization and engagement plan to hook and retain users in your game. Choose from interstitial ads, freemium models, and in-app purchases - selecting the model that fits best with your game. You'll also set goals and devise a plan for monitoring the success of your monetization strategy, as well as identify potential tweaks should the strategy not perform to your liking.

Prepare for this project with: Engagement & Monetization | Mobile Games

Project 4: Artificial Intelligence and 2D Game Physics

One way you can make a good game great is to make the gameplay more engaging.

Having objects that move about the world in a realistic manner thanks to the the physics library Box2D is great way to do so.

Intelligent enemies that can actively search and navigate a map, strategically attack players, and apply AI algorithms also ratchets up playability.

In this project, you will make your game more realistic and immersive by using physics and AI algorithms.

_Course coming soon!_

Project 5: Capstone Project

For the capstone project, you will create a game of your own design incorporating libGDX, physics and artificial intelligence and monetization. The sky's the limit for what you can build. We encourage you to begin on paper and deeply consider how you might monetize your app as it may dictate how you might implement some features.


Thanks to Kagure Kabue, Geoff Norman, Taylor Gilkeson and Megan Habersham Smith for shooting and editing the video! Thanks to Jessica Uelmen, James Williams, Louis Webb, and Ophir Silverman for their keen eyes reviewing scripts, code, and videos.