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CS7641: Machine Learning - Georgia Tech OMSCS Course Materials



Machine Learning is a three-credit course on, well, Machine Learning. Machine Learning is that area of Artificial Intelligence that is concerned with computational artifacts that modify and improve their performance through experience. The area is concerned with issues both theoretical and practical. This particular class is a part of a series of classes in Machine Learning, and takes care to present algorithms and approaches in such a way that grounds them in larger systems. We will cover a variety of topics, including: statistical supervised and unsupervised learning methods, randomized search algorithms, Bayesian learning methods, and reinforcement learning. The course also covers theoretical concepts such as inductive bias, the PAC and Mistake-bound learning frameworks, minimum description length principle, and Ockham's Razor. In order to ground these methods the course includes some programming and involvement in a number of projects.

The course is divided into three parts:

Course Staff


Teaching Assistants

  • Pushkar Kolhe (Course Developer)
  • Himanshu Sahni
  • Vivek Nabhi


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All Georgia Tech students are expected to uphold the Georgia Tech Academic Honor Code.

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