Math(s)* Concepts for Mere Mortals

This section is dedicated to providing non-mathy, plain English explanations of math(s) concepts and algorithms relevant to the Cryptography CS387 course at Udacity. The language in these sections will, because of the nature of the English language, be imprecise.** But, it will hopefully give those people who struggle with the formality of academic mathematics writings a way to access the concepts and participate in the course. Also, for those who learn best through example, the sections will contain examples that demonstrate the concepts and algorithms.

* In the U.S.A. and some other places, the short form of mathematics is "math". In the U.K., Australia and some other places, it is shortened "maths". If you read this, and you have the urge to correct the entries, you have the power to do so. But, before you change the language, ask yourself, "With this change am I making it more correct AND simple to understand for mere mortals?" If the answer is, "yes," then feel free to edit away. The goal here is understandability for people who are not familiar with the formal language of mathematics.