Lesson 13 Practice

  1. Forms of the Equation of a Parabola.

    y-intercept a

    x-intercepts c

    vertex b

  2. Equations of a Parabola 1.

    a) A

    b) If you go 1 in the x-direction either way from the vertex, the y-value increases by 1.

  3. Equations of a Parabola 2. a) (1,-1) b) y+1=(x-1)^2 c) y=x^2-2x d) y=x(x-2)
  4. Any Parabola. a) x^2-2x+2 b) 2x^2-4x+3 c) 0.5x^2-x+1.5
  5. Shift. 3 units up
  6. How Do We Shift? a)
  7. Three to the Left. y=4x^2+26x+47
  8. Move it all Over. a) (-1.5,-2.25) b) y=x^2+3x+2 c) y=x^2+5x+4 d) y=x^2+3x-6 e) y=x^2-3x