Problem Set #1 Due June 9

Dear Student,

By now you should have your SJSU ID number and have logged into Canvas. If you have not logged into Canvas yet, please do so. If you do not have your SJSU ID, please contact me immediately.You will find the official syllabus and due dates in the calendar. Canvas is where you will also find your official grades for the course.

On Sunday June 9, 11:59 pm your first problem set, Problem Set 1 is due. No credit will be given to problem sets submitted after the deadline (sorry, no extensions will be given).

It is extremely important you check you have done all the questions especially if you started the course early as the problem sets now have additional questions. To see if you have correctly answered the questions, check the small circles in the navigation bar are filled in.


Good luck!

Regards, Dr. Spitzer