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Details for Final Exam on May 17-19, 2013 for College Algebra

As well as the information in this document, you might like to check out the Remote Proctor FAQ.

Date and Time

The examination must be taken May 17-19.  It will last 2 hours 15 minutes, but please allow extra time for setup. We highly recommend taking the exam early in this window of time to ensure that you have time left over in case you run into any technical difficulties.


The test will be very similar to the two midterms that you took earlier on in the course, but there are a few extra steps that you will need to go through this time to get set up.  The final exam will be proctored through a service called Remote Proctor, which uses the webcam and microphone on your computer to ensure academic integrity during the test.  Setting up your computer and entering the test through Remote Proctor is pretty straightforward, but to help you out, we're going to give you some instructions here. 

Video Instructions

Miriam has also recorded a video to walk you through how to get your computer ready for the exam:
Windows version
Mac version

Try it out!

Please make sure you try out steps 2 - 8 below ASAP so we can help you sort out any problems you may encounter before the exam itself starts. If you run into any issues, email, or contact the tutors through the blue chat box.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Here are the steps you'll need to go through:

  1. Clear your desk, except for blank paper, writing utensils, ruler, non-graphing calculator. There should be no other people in the room in which you are taking the exam. You will also need a government issued ID to verify your ID. 

  2. Sign in at using your normal login information.

  3. Go to and click "Start System Check".  The site will then lead you through a few steps to make sure that your computer will work for the exam.  You may need to download an updated version of Adobe Flash Player or make other adjustments as directed to settings or programs that are open on your computer. 

  4. Download and open the Remote Proctor Software.  The Remote Proctor website will prompt you to do this, and the process will differ slightly depending on what operating system you're using (Mac or Windows). This step will be difficult if you can not install software onto your computer. Please contact if you run into any issues

  5. Enter the proper exam information: Your exam teacher/sponsor is Math 8 College Algebra, and your exam is Final.  Enter your first and last name, email address, and phone number.

  6. The Remote Proctor program will ask you to verify your identity and to scan your surroundings.

    • You first show your surroundings by rotating your camera around the room, including your desk surface. 
    • Then you will use your webcam to take a picture of you.
    • Last, you will need to hold up your government-issued photo ID in front of the camera to verify your identity (make sure you have this ready beforehand).
  7. You may be asked to sign in to the Udacity website again.  Do this using your normal login information.  You will then be back at the normal Udacity exam site. Click on College Algebra and then continue.

  8. For this exam, the proctoring software will enter the password for you. YOU DO NOT NEED A PASSWORD, just click the button at the top of the screen that says "Insert Exam Password".  Then press "Begin Exam". Until the exam is live on 17 May, you will get an error at this point.

  9. During the exam, you may use a scientific calculator (either handheld or the Google scientific calculator linked) and the MathQuill reference page on the Udacity College Algebra wiki.

  10. Once you have finished the test and checked your answers, go through the steps shown on the Remote Proctor site to finalize the submission of your answers.

  11. After you are completely done, click the "X" in the top right-hand corner of the window and select "End Exam and Exit Program".  You will still be recorded by Remote Proctor until you’ve finished this step.

Contact Details for Technical Issues During the Exam

If you have any issues during the exam, please email