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College Algebra course announcements

January 30, 2013

Welcome to College Algebra: Animals, Architecture, and Innovation! My name is Dr. Julie Spitzer, and I will be your instructor.  You are part of an exciting opportunity that links San Jose State University and Udacity in producing and offering this course.  You will also get to know a couple of other people who have been involved in developing this course - Dr. Sarah Norell and Miriam Swords Kalk, both of whom work at Udacity. 

As you know, this course begins today and will run through May 22nd. To begin the course, please go to and get started! The syllabus is on Canvas, and your grades will be reported there as well.  All other course interaction will happen through the Udacity website, including exams, which will be taken online.

We hope you enjoy the first part of the course, where you’ll start exploring algebra through the lens of a startup company called Grant’s Gleaming Glasses.  The first two weeks of material may feel quite familiar to you.  It’s meant to give you a chance to refresh your memory about concepts in math that you may have already encountered in order to help you reach a deeper understanding of these topics.

Posted Jan 30, 2013 by Gundega