Will all exams be proctored?

No, only the final exam, which will be remotely proctored via webcam and a service called Remote Proctor Now. You will need to use a computer where you can download and install a small software package from RP Now. You will also need an updated version of Adobe Flash, a working web cam, microphone and a government-issued photo ID on hand. Instructions on how to use the service and a link to test it out can be found here.

What will the passing score be?

To obtain a grade C-, you need an overall score of 70% on the course.

How will my grade be determined?

Your grade will be made up of

20% Problem Sets
25% Midterm 1
25% Midterm 2
30% Final Exam

Are there any deadlines for work within the course?

Exams will be open for short windows and students must take the exam within the open window. The problem sets have one deadline- they must be completed by the end of the course.

Are any texts or other materials required for the course?

None required!

Who do I contact to provide feedback on the pilot?

You can email us at

Who can help if I'm getting stuck?

Instructors by email, course forums, and live chat support from course specialists M-F, 8 am to midnight (blue chat in the lower right of your window).