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Exam dates

The first midterm exam for Math 6 is open for a window between February 19 and March 8, 2013. 

Signing up for an account at ProctorU

  • Navigate to

  • Click "Sign up"

  • Fill out all of the relevant information and click "Submit"

  • If successful, then you will get a pop-up message that says, "Your account has been created. Click OK to go to your Proctor U schedule." Click the "OK" button. This will take you to the Terms of Service page.

  • Read these Terms of Service and click "Accept Terms". This will take you to the Profile page.

  • Now you will fill out the Profile (Required). Please fill this out accurately! Especially the time zone. If you are in California, you are in the Pacific Time Zone.

First Name: Last Name:

E-Mail Address:

User ID:


Time Zone:

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Country of Residence:

Address 1:

Address 2:


2/19/2013 7:55 PM Eastern

Computer Type: PC Mac

- Next, click "Update" Once your profile is updated, you have successfully signed up for an account! Congratulations.

Signing up for your exam

- Starting from this URL: (make sure you are signed in!), click on the "New Exam" tab. You will see fields for Term, Exam, and Date.

  • Term should be "Spring 2013"

  • Choose your exam, for example the first midterm for Math 6 is "Math 6 - Visualizing Algebra - Midterm 1 - Sandra DeSousa"

  • Choose the date you would like to take the exam.

  • After you've chosen a date, choose the time you want to take the exam. Make sure to check with your school and work schedule to see when you'll have time to focus on the exam! We recommend that you budget about 75-90 minutes to take the 60 minute exam. The extra time will be used to login to ProctorU,, have your identity verified by the proctor, and read the instructions for the exam

  • Add any comments you may have about the exam.

  • Then click "Add Reservation" This should trigger a message that says "Update successful". Click "OK". You will then be directed to your "My Exams" tab

  • You will then see your confirmed reservation. You will have the options to review, edit, or cancel this reservation if you need to. You will also see an unactivated blue button with a countdown timer to your exam. The button will become active when it is time to take you exam during your reservation.

Taking your exam

  • Just before your scheduled exam time, navigate to

  • In a separate browser tab or window, log in to ProctorU and navigate to your "My Exams" page (

  • When your exam appointment time starts, click on the blue button.

  • Your proctor will take it from here... [need to expand]