Problem 1. [10 points] Speedup

George P. Burdell is an avid player of the new “Jackets vs. Dawgs” sports simulation game, but is disappointed by the game’s performance on his old laptop and wants to buy a new laptop. He has determined that his old laptop’s processor spends

• 50% of its time on graphics processing,

• 30% of its time on physics computations, and

• 20% of its time on modeling the intelligence of players (mostly for Jackets)

The new laptop has a processor with:

• a special processing unit for white and gold colored pixels, allowing the processor to process graphics 10 times as fast as on George’s old laptop.

• new specialized instructions such as “TCKL”, “KCK”, and “THRW” which result in physics processing that is 6 times as fast as on George’s old laptop.

• an improved microarchitecture, which makes everything else twice as fast as it was on George’s old laptop.

What is the overall speedup of the new laptop over the old one when playing this game?