Problem 6. [25 points] TLBs and Caches

The processor has a 4KByte, direct-mapped, write-back, write-allocate, physically indexed, virtually-tagged data L1 cache with 256-byte blocks. It also has a fully associative, 8-entry data1 TLB with the LRU replacement policy. The system uses 32-bit virtual and physical addresses, with 4KByte pages.

  1. [5 points] Can TLB and cache access be overlapped? _____. Why?
  2. [5 points] How is the address broken down for TLB and for cache access? (What are the parts and which bits of the address belong to each part)


  3. [15 points] If both the cache and the TLB start out empty, and if the processor executes the following sequence of accesses, determine for each access how its address is broken down (in hex) and is it a hit in the cache hit and in the TLB: