Problem 2. [15 points] Processor Performance Equation

We are working on a new processor, Techium 5, which is going to replace the old Techium 4. Techium 5 has a new ISA with more registers, which reduces the number of memory (load/store) instructions by 50% while increasing the number of simple ALU instructions (such as ADD, SUB, etc.) by 10%. Additionally, Techium 4 has a clock frequency of 2GHz, while Techium 5 uses 3GHz. The two processors have the same average CPI for each type of instruction – 1 CPI for simple ALU, 3 CPI for memory, and 2 CPI for all other instructions.

Professor Milos mostly runs a project grading script on his laptop. A run of this script, with the Techium 4 processor, results in executing 50 billion simple ALU instructions, 10 billion memory instructions, and 40 billion other instructions.

  1. [5 points] How long does this script run on Techium 4?
  2. [7 points] How long does this script run on Techium 5?
  3. [3 points] What is the speedup Professor Milos will get by upgrading his laptop from the Techium 4 to the Techium 5 processor?