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Project 1: Runaway Robot Instructions for Udacity Certificate Students

Note: These instructions only apply to Udacity students taking the standalone cs373 course. They do not apply to Georgia Tech OMSCS or Udacity Nanodegree students.

In this 5-part project you will program a robot to track down the location of a runaway robot. The project is available as a series of auto-graded exercises in the lesson called Project 1: Runaway Robot, followed by a set of self-evaluated questions.

After completing the auto-graded exercises, answer the questions found in the document below called Final Project Questions. Write down your answers as a report, and then evaluate them using the Project Rubric.

Tip: Pair up with a fellow student who is taking the course at the same time, and cross-check your answers.

Important Resources

If you have any questions about the project, don't hesitate to reach out on the forums. Good luck!

Thanks to Oliver, one of our incredible students, for the image.