cs344 ยป

CUDA Development on Fedora Linux (F16)

This assumes you are running Fedora Linux on x86/x86_64 and have CUDA-enabled hardware.

Getting OpenCV

yum install opencv opencv-devel

Getting Problem Set 1

Fetch the provided source code.

git clone https://github.com/udacity/cs344

This will create a directory called cs344. There will be an HW1/student directory where the files for Problem Set 1 reside.

cd cs344/HW1/student

Test that you can build the executable.


There might be some warnings, but you should end up with an executable called hw. It doesn't do anything yet.

Edit your program

Use your favorite editor to edit the student_func.cu file. This is where the kernel and kernel launch code go, and is the same as the file shown in the website IDE.

Run your program

Run your program with the input and output images as arguments:

./hw cinque_terre_small.jpg cinque_terre_small_bw.jpg

View the image to see what it looks like!