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Mastery / Certificates / Credits

What is mastery?

Mastery points (coming soon) are earned when you complete certain questions correctly in a course. You can earn mastery points by completing the HWs at the end of each lesson, as well as correctly answer questions in the final (which is at the end of lesson 7). Each problem set is worth up to 10 points and the final is worth up to18 points (2 points for the programming questions and 1 point for the other ones).

You can attempt and retry the HWs and the finals as many times as you want. There are not penalties for retrying.

Mastery levels are achievement targets for each course. Courses have four different mastery levels, which are reached by accumulating mastery points. In the course details on the My Courses page you can see how many mastery points you will need to reach each mastery level.

How do I get a certificate?
Once you have achieved at least level 1 mastery in a course, you can download your certificate from the course section in My Courses page. When you achieve a higher mastery level, you can re-download the updated certificate.

Points required to receive a certificate
There are 78 possible points that you can earn throughout the course. 

Up to 10 points for each HW.
Up to 18 points for the final (1 point for each of the short questions and 2 points for each of the programming questions).

The points needed for the certificates are as follows (from highest distinction to basic):
90% for level 4 certificate (Highest Distinction)
80% for level 3 certificate (High Distinction)
70% for level 2 certificate (Accomplishment)
60% for level 1 certificate (Proficient)