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All demos are accessible from here, as well as the exercise code. The code is downloadable from the Github repository. What follows is a description of each demo's purpose. The order given below matches the lessons' order (vs. being alphabetical). The detailed course syllabus is also available.

Lesson 1

  • Lesson 1 FPS - a frames per second simulator, with each update delayed to give the feel for various frame rates.
  • Lesson 1 teacup - the teacup and saucer made by James Newell way back when.
  • Lesson 1 teapot - the famous Utah/Newell Teapot, with many display options.
  • Lesson 1 teaspoon - the teaspoon also made by Newell.

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 6

Lesson 7

Lesson 8

Lesson 9

  • Lesson 9 Fresnel - reflectance is strongest at shallow angles.
  • Lesson 9 Energy-Balance Blinn-Phong - when the surface is made shinier, the overall amount of energy reflected does not decrease when energy balancing is on.
  • Lesson 9 Gamma Correction - shows the effect of gamma correction on output. Light colors are not adjusted on input (renderer.gammaInput = false;). Note how the overlapping area is comparatively brighter to the individual lights when gamma correction is turned off.

Lesson 10