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Supplementary Resources

These materials have been created or compiled by students, for the students of CS101.  Much thanks to all of the students who have made contributions!

Collections of Resources

Books & Tools
Online Interpreters

Sahil Mutneja's Building a Search Engine

Working with Python

Quick Start to Writing, Editing, & Saving Python Code by Sam the Great
Using Python On Your Local Machine by Chad Black

Unit 1

Case sensitivity, python versions, printing in Python 3 by Goldsong
Understanding indices and slicing by Goldsong

Unit 2

Multiple return values and assignments by Goldsong
Formatted printing and function documentation by Goldsong
Programming Exercise Collections

Unit 3

Understanding list mutability by Sam the Great

Unit 4

Placing functions in modules and importing them by Goldsong
How does Google Search work? (Video)

Unit 5

Understanding dictionaries and hash tables by Sam the Great

Unit 6

Yet Another Attempt to Explain Recursion by Goldsong
Understanding Recursion: The Stack Model by Charles Lin
StG's Recursion Collection by Sam the Great
Python File Manipulation by Sam the Great