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Final Project Overview

In this project you will write procedures that take strings of text and turn them into a social network.

The following documents will help you understand the logistics of grading and submitting the final project. These documents are intended for students who are subscribed to the paid version of the course. If you are previewing the courseware you are welcome to look at these documents as well (but understand that you will not submit your project to anyone).

Most of this project will take place inside the browser, and most of it will be auto-graded. But your code will also be reviewed by a Udacity coach to make sure you're practicing good coding habits.

  1. Project Rubric - This is the rubric that a Udacity Project Evaluator will use while evaluating your project.

  2. Project Submission Instructions - This will tell you how to submit your project to us.

If you have any questions, ask on the discussion forum!