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Instructions on how to install BlueJ on Windows

Video Instructions

Written Instructions

Step 0 - Uninstall any existing versions of Java

  • Open the control panel


  • Look for where it says uninstall a program


  • Look at the names of the programs. They are alphabetically sorted.
  • If you don’t see anything with Java, skip to step 1. you don’t need to uninstall anything.
  • If you see something that says Java, whatever the version is, select it, right click and click uninstall.


  • Confirm everything. Allow the uninstaller to proceed.
  • When it’s done. check if you have any other Java items in the list of programs and uninstall those too.

Step 1 - Download and Install Java SDK

  • Download Java SDK using the following link: download link

    • Download the Windows x86 version of Java SDK, even if you are running a 64bit version of Windows
  • Double click on the file you downloaded to install Java SDK, and you should see a installer window like this:


  • Follow the installation instructions in the installer and install Java SDK.

Step 2 — Download and install BlueJ

  • Please download BlueJ from the following link:
  • Choose the windows installer.

  • If you used Internet Explorer to download BlueJ, it is ok to execute the BlueJ program that you just downloaded. If you use Chrome or Firefox, double click on the BlueJ file that you just downloaded.


  • and an installer window will pop up like below:


  • Choose “install just for you“


  • the default associates and short cuts


  • Choose the default installation folder


  • Click the “install” button


  • You should now see a BlueJ icon on your desktop. Congratulations, you have installed BlueJ.
  • Now you should download the project files for lesson #1 and carefully follow the steps from the video.
    • The zip file for the lesson1 projects is here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/udacity-hosted-downloads/lesson1.zip
    • Note — Don’t open the zip file but save it.
    • After you have save the zip file, go to the folder where you downloaded the file to and extract the contents in the zip file into the “My Documents” folder.
    • You'll be able to find the starter code for later lessons and problem sets on the cs046 code wiki page