Where can I get help?

You can get help from the live content support. For details see https://www.udacity.com/wiki/sjsuhelp.

Problem Sets

Will I get credit for problem sets submitted after the due date?

No, not credit will be given for late submissions.

How will my grade for the problem sets be calculated?

When all the problem set due dates have passed, your best 9 results will be used to calculate your overall score on the problem sets.

Is there a penalty is I submit my answers more than once on the problem sets?

No, it doesn't matter how many attempts you take. Taking multiple attempts to solve a question is part of the learning process so we encourage it on practice and problem sets.

How can I tell if I have the correct answers on the problem sets?

Check the navigation bar above the problems. If all the dots are filled in, you have all the questions correctly answered. You may submit your answers as many times as you like without penalty up to the due date.

Do I have to finish all the questions on the problem sets?

Do your best! You'll still get credit for the questions you do complete even if you are don't manage to complete all the questions.

Practice Questions

Do the practice questions count towards my grade?

No, only the problem sets and three exams contribute to your grade. The practice questions and lectures are to help you develop your understanding and familiarity with the material.


If I don't complete all the lectures, will it affect my grade?

Your grade is based only on your performance on the problem sets, the midterms exams and the final exam. However, anything covered in the lectures could appear on the exams so it is your responsibility to make sure you are familiar with all material presented.


For each exam, there are two dates given. Does this mean my exam lasts 2 days?

No, it means that you can arrange to take your exam on one of the days within that period. The exams last around 2- 2 1/4 hours each.

Will I see my grade immediately on the exam?

No, you will receive no feedback on your answers during examinations. You may submit your answer more than once but only your last submission will be graded.

What does proctored mean?

When we say the exams are proctored, it means that they are supervised. This will happen via a webcam and microphone on your computer. The company that will do the proctoring is called ProctorU. For further details see the for-credit FAQ.

How does proctoring work?

You will need to sign up with ProctorU for an account. See the Proctored Exams page for details on how to do this.